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Cat Sitter VHS

Break out the VHS baby, we're getting lit tonight!

Yes the quality is fuzzy, yes the tape can catch, and yes you can’t pause the picture without a fuzz of lines making it very difficult to see the screen, but at the end of the day, there’s nothing that brings on the nostalgia quite like a wild night with the VHS blaring.

Now that we’ve addressed the homey quality of VHS we can get into the real meat of the review, and that’s how much your cats will be enthralled by over an hour of uninterrupted squirrel & bird action along with the sound quality that only a video can bring.

So picture this, it is a Friday night, and you think it might be nice to run out for a quick pizza but “oh no!” you’re cats are here and the neighbor’s cat is sleeping over the night, welp, dust off the VHS, slap on this bad boi, and you’ve bought yourself some sweet sweet time. Just remember to rewind when you’ve finished it, lest you spoil the show next time!

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