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Creepy Clown Art

Can't sleep, clown will eat me

Do you ever have a feeling that your house is just too nice, and you’re just too relaxed, and that maybe 8 to 9 hours of peaceful uninterrupted sleep is giving you too much of a positive excited attitude heading into the day, then the answer to these problems is clear, there just aren’t enough clowns on the walls of your house.

With just one small artwork you’ll find that people have an odd cold feeling as they enter your house, and that strange chill that crawls down your spine will become an hourly, if not minute-ly thing, this alone will save you on cooling in those hot summers.

You’ll also find that after you get just a single clown on your wall they may just naturally duplicate, and sooner (rather than later) you’ll be replacing pictures of your family, and relatives with more of these classy clowns.

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