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Dooty Head

And the award for the best new game goes to...

Call “it” what you want, this game looks to be one of those “it’s so simple why didn’t I think of it” hits that will provide hours of laughter, and will appeal to anyone who likes the idea of throwing plush “dooties” at the head of your friends and family (the entire planet).

The rules for dooty head are a little abstract, though the goal is clear, if you’ve stuck a dooty (the word is starting to lose all meaning to me now) to your opponent’s cap, worn on the head, then you’re a point up. The box comes with 3 dooties, so you’re free to defend and attack much like a sticky version of dodgeball.

So with that, get your helmets on, grab a dooty, and remember to dip, duck, dodge, dive, and duck.

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