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Kama Pootra

Kama Su... oh

Everybody poops, that’s a fact (is that a fact?).

One thing about pooping is that its an EXTREMELY solitary task, and when you start to think about it, you don’t have too much of a reference as to whether the way you do the deed is the same as how anyone else does said deed, well, this beautifully illustrated book solves that problem.

Another thing that really needs addressing here, is that books for the coffee table get all the attention and love, sure they’re on display for everyone, but as I have mentioned previously, what is one thing that everyone has in common? They poop. Sit this bad boy in your bathroom reading collection, next to the shampoo bottles and you’ll find your visitors will be leaving their phones behind while they take a quick trip to drop the kids off at the pool and learn a little about how the world does their deeds.

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