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Nose Aerobics

Is this for you eyes, your nose, or your neck? Well there's only one way to find out

Want to look cool and strong in front of your family or co-workers, then dedicating most of your waking hours to Play Visions Nose Aerobics is the fastest path. Soon you’ll be swinging that muscular neck, flicking that smooth-skinned nose back and forth, and swishing that small orange ball, all net, every time.

Now the word on the street in these bad boys are discontinued, and we can only really assume that some key component has been mined to extinction, and there can’t be any more made.

And as a final note, and I do feel that this needs to be said, you do not need a description to wear these, they are not produced by Warby Parker, and there are no lenses… that said, I guess if you do have a prescription you won’t be able to wear these over your glasses, so you might have to break out the contacts and get hooping!

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