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Toad Handbag

A first date talking point if there ever was one

While some designers use traditional leather, some use crocodile leather, and some snake, the larger underappreciated leather in the world of fashion is definitely that of the humble toad.

Now it’s one thing to use leather from a toad, but another thing entirely to use the entire creature. In our case, and honestly, what I would consider the only humane case this is faux toad leather, but being fake as it is it doesn’t leave out any of the nitty-gritty pocks, warts, and imperfections that make it so beautiful.

One this is for certain though, if you take this toad out on the town you’ll be the talk of the streets and shops, and I’d almost go so far as to say you’ll be as far as possible of a target for anyone looking to shadily sneak-thief your purse away.

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