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Tortilla Blanket

More like hurricane tortilla

Move over sleeping bags, swaddling up like a big burrito is back in town… did it ever really leave town?

Now, it’s hard not to imagine that every time someone is rolling up their burrito, squeezing in those few evasive beans and rice they haven’t imagined themselves getting rolled up too. What a nice feeling it would be to be all cozied up amongst the beautiful and homely smell of a fresh tortilla ready to be gobbled, now you can realize that dream.

For maximum effect, and if we’re honest, for those who are going for the full burrito effect you’re going to need to pop your blanket tortilla into a warm place (the clothes dryer) or give it a quick go-over with a clothing iron, since ironically, the tortilla iron would not work at all here, then quickly throw onto the bed and roll up, leaving a little room for your head to pop out and contemplate your current state of pure bliss.

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