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Unicorn Meat

Meats back on the menu boys...

Sushhh the little vegetarian angel on your shoulder, unicorn meat is here to stay, 100% natural 100% rainbows, and 100% sparkling beauty into this fantastic, stackable, doomsday prepper-approved cans, that may hold unicorn, or what my light research has told me, may hold some kind of weighty can filler.

With a shifty USDA “rating”, graded under the “mentally alert supervision”, this prank can has it all, and while there are no promises that you won’t be able to resist whipping out the can opener and cutting it open out of curiosity (it did kill the cat), or out of primal hunger at 2am one thing is for sure, this can sit beautifully at the back of your cupboard amongst the beans, collecting some slight rust, and waiting for its moment in the sunshine!

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